New!  Stargate Akashic Sessions

This is a Stargate, created by another Soul on the Spiritual Journey called Prageet Harris.

He designed his first Stargate to help people change their states of consciousness and created it by feel as he cut copper pipes.  There was a certain ‘buzz’ in his hands when the proportions were right.

My Stargate is a mini version (have Stargate, will travel!).  Prageet has several stargates at his Mount Shasta home, some are big enough for up to 20 people to sit inside!

Why use a Stargate?  What does it do?

This intentionally shaped sacred geometric symbol enables us to access an interdimensional doorway during meditation and has a stronger connection to our Higher Self, that part of the Soul that communicates with us in every day incarnated life.

So far, during Akashic Records Stargate sessions, clients have received information from Ascended Masters who are relevant to them, the same with Angelic entities or Star Beings in the context of their own personal Akashic Records.

The Stargate is safe to use because it helps raise our vibration straight up to the 12th dimension, prohibiting access to lower energies.

The result is an uplifting session with highly spiritual information.

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How do I have a Stargate Session?

Once you have booked, we can set an intention for the session and connect via phone or Skype.

I open your Akashic Records as per normal, and then I lead us both in a short meditation to connect to the Stargate and open it.

After that, it’s my job to relay information to you and take any notes.

You may receive the information intended for you directly from the Stargate, via receiving visions (clairvoyance), hearing words (clairaudience), or having spontaneous thoughts (claircognizance) or feelings (clairsentience).

Whatever is appropriate for you is what will happen.

Stargate Sessions give us a sense of joy and awakening

I thought I’d try some different experiments with my Stargate, so I took it to a Zero-balancing session I was having with a colleague (ZB is like gentle chiropractic but works very deeply on muscle, bone and tendon alignment).
Immediately when the session started, my colleague reported feeling a ‘buzz’ in her fingertips when working with me and adjusting my body.  She said she has never felt that before.  I had a very deep and relaxing session.

The other interesting occurrence was that my colleague (who does work with Spirit but isn’t very verbal about it), suddenly said she could hear instructions in her head about making the session deeper and more impactful for me.

It was an eye-opening experience for us and we are continuing to work with the Stargate together.

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