And so it is – the power of language from the Personal Energy Practice Blog

And so it is – the power of language from the Personal Energy Practice Blog


Have you ever thought about language and the power it exerts?

There’s that old saying

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

First part, definitely true. Second part…true? Perhaps only sometimes.

Having studied NLP™ (Neuro-linguistic programming), applied it in business and personal life…I’m inclined to disagree with ‘words will never hurt me’.

Words Have Power – and therein lies the responsibility

What I was taught in NLP™ and other modalities such as the EMF Balancing Technique® is that words effect our brains and nervous systems.

Our nervous systems don’t actually know the difference between words and ‘reality’. Words can often hit us harder or affect us more deeply than a physical hit if they are negative in intention.

The classic NLP™ exercise is to not think of a Blue Elephant. Hmmnnnn.

Our brains have to process language in order to understand it, finding references that fit in milliseconds of time so that a response can be formulated.

Imagine holding a cut lemon and sniffing it? How about sucking on the lemon?

Beginning to get my drift here? (Drifting down the river…)

Direction, Direction, Direction

One of Richard Bandler’s quotes that has always stuck with me is ‘Language sends the brain in directions’. And in my experience, if our brain is present and listening, it does. And sometimes our brain will take in language when we’re not even aware of it.

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