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How expanded is your consciousness? 4D, 5D, or even 6D?

Many of us on the spiritual journey talk about a rise in vibration and expanding our consciousness, so — how expanded is your consciousness, really?

Perhaps we have become aware that we have shifted our thoughts and perceptions, becoming more sensitive to Personal Energy.

Yet there are many different ways that people do this on their individual journeys.

This quiz might help — how expanded is your consciousness? Expanded, not ascended

In my experience, there are a number of ways to check where you are on the spiritual path and expanded consciousness is one of the biggest signs.

It’s a helpful way to know that the work we are doing here in 3D is paying off.

First of all, when we talk about ‘ascending’ we are doing this from the perspective of being incarnated into 3D bodies.  Our bodies contain our ego, our personality, and our emotional fields.

There is often a tendency to see ourselves through the lens of our egos and personalities.  That’s when we become very human and think that some of us are more ascended than others!

The best path to true spiritual growth is to think about the expansion of your consciousness, rather than pure ascension.

Ascension somehow implies ‘higher’ than other people, and that is not the truth.  We are all Souls, on separate journeys.

Sometimes, our self-perceptions and desires get in the way, and that’s when we let our personalities and egos blur the truth.

When I work with clients, I like to encourage the use of the term ‘expansion’.

When we expand our consciousness, we can begin to experience our current reality in a whole new way.

We may even begin to become aware of other dimensional realities.

What does it mean when we expand consciousness to another dimension?

The simple quiz below will help you with some answers to the complex question of how expanded is your consciousness.

As we learn and grow on the spiritual path, we become more aware of changes in our ability to sense energy.

This quiz will help you understand where you are on your individual journey of expanded consciousness.

Are you regularly visiting the fourth dimension – 4D, the fifth dimension – 5D, or even the sixth dimension – 6D?

Check out this quiz and discover where you are for yourself!