How expanded is your consciousness – 4D, 5D or 6D? Take the quiz

How expanded is your consciousness – 4D, 5D or 6D? Take the quiz


How expanded is your consciousness?

Many of us on the spiritual journey talk about a rise in vibration.  Perhaps we have become aware that we have shifted our thoughts, perceptions and become more sensitive to Personal Energy.

But how do we know for sure?

In my experience, there are a number of ways to check where you are on the spiritual path and expanded consciousness is one of the biggest signs.

First of all, when we talk about ‘ascending’ since we are incarnated into 3D bodies there can sometimes be a tendency to activate our egos and think that some of us are more ascended than others!

Since the concept of ascension is related to spiritual growth, that’s when we let our personal interests get in the way of our personal growth and miss the point, somewhat.

When I work with clients, I like to encourage the use of the term ‘expansion’.  When we expand our consciousness, we can begin to experience our current reality in a whole new way and even begin to become aware of other dimensional realities.

What does it mean when we expand consciousness to another dimension?

The simple quiz below will help you with this complex question.  As we learn and grow on the spiritual path, we become aware of changes in our perception.

This quiz will help you understand where you are on the journey of spiritual expansion of consciousness.  Are you regularly visiting the fourth dimension – 4D, the fifth dimension – 5D, or even the sixth dimension – 6D?

Check out this quiz and discover where you are for yourself.

1. How do you most commonly receive inspirational thoughts or feelings?

2. Have you experienced a strong connection with an Ascended Master?

3. How often do you notice or receive premonitions?

4. How much significance do you place on spiritual practice on your journey so far?

5. On the journey of connecting with your Higher Self, where would you say you are?

6. How often do you do chakra work, energy work or some kind of energy balancing?

7. Have you connected with a sense of your Past Lives yet?

8. Are you aware of Angelic energies and how they can help you on the spiritual path?

How expanded is your consciousness - 4D, 5D or 6D?
Your consciousness has expanded to the fourth dimension - 4D

Your consciousness has expanded to the fourth dimension, what Edgar Cayce, (the most famous US Akashic Records reader to date) called the realm of ideas. This is where we receive inspiration, ideas just 'pop in' and depending upon our intuitive skills we can tune into other peoples ideas, or groups of ideas, known as group consciousness. Sometimes you just inspirationally 'know' things, but you don't know why you know them. Your Spirit Guides are trying to wake you up!

This does indicate a good level of psychic awareness.

You may be able to receive premonitions at times because group consciousness is thinking about them, have inspirational dreams and, if your manifesting skills are good, brings these ideas and thoughts into 3D reality by manifesting them into form. You may also start combining your 5 senses into a 6th, and begin to make contact with Loved Ones who have passed, energies from animals (resulting in successful animal communication), start work with your Spirit Guides and even begin to contact off-world energies.

You are also becoming aware of your Personal Energy, perhaps working with chakras and considering studying energy work.

There is a sense of flitting in and out of spiritual progress since the dimension of 4D can be very intellectually stimulating rather than heart-opening.

So you may have lots of ideas, dreams, and wishes, perhaps not act on all of them, or be focused on intellectual and material goals rather more than spiritual growth.

No judgment here! We are all incarnated into the body, or you wouldn't be reading this quiz, and all of us need to learn to expand our energies through to the higher dimensions of awareness, it's all part of the journey.

4D or the fourth dimension is the next step on the journey from 3D, the here and now, where we exist in our incarnated bodies in daily life and our consciousness simply thinks about what to do, what to eat, what to buy, and what to have, possibly even what drama to create!

If you'd like to begin to expand your consciousness to the next dimension on the spiritual journey, that's where an Akashic Records Reading comes in.

The Akashic Records reside in the fifth dimension, in 5D. Expanding your understand of energy up towards the 5th and 6th dimensions begins to raise your vibration.
Your consciousness has expanded to the fifth dimension - 5D

If you got this answer, then your work on the spiritual journey, whether it's regular spiritual practice, clearing karma, yoga or energy work, has brought you to a place where you can expand your consciousness into 5D, or fifth-dimensional reality.

The fifth dimension is the A-Field, Quantum Field, and where the Akashic Records reside because they have been recorded here energetically. So you will have a sense of yourself as a Soul, be asking lots of questions about the spiritual journey, and also be actively on the path of spiritual inquiry.

You may be reading a lot of spiritual books, asking a lot of questions, going on spiritual workshops, doing a lot of googling, buying things like crystals, sage and spiritually significant jewelry. Working on your fifth-dimensional path is a huge growth curve and this is where you will be very motivated to review your past and present in order to actively take charge of your future.

You are beginning to get in touch with your karma through dreams, past-life awareness, current life repeating cycles and are ready to be done with this stuff so that you can get on and enjoy the spiritual experience more fully!

Being in the material world seems to be a lot harder and you would much prefer to let a few things go and be focusing more on your journey of growth. Premonitions accelerate, synchronicities abound and you may be seeing things like repeating numbers (11:11 as an example), having increasing contact with your Spirit Guides and other non-physical energies.

At this stage, this is a great time to have an Akashic Records Reading, work on Energetic Goal Setting or even learn how to open your Akashic Records yourself for spiritual practice. You will be able to spend time studying your own A-Field, Personal Energy or Quantum Field and unlock the wisdom within.

Your consciousness has expanded to the sixth dimension - 6D

People whose consciousness has fully expanded to the 6th dimension are much more interested in simply experiencing this world of incarnated spirit.

Clients who work with me, who have succeeded through study, release of karma, negative thought forms and clearing out old blocks and restrictions are usually very effectively managing their lives and living life as they desire.

Occasionally they will come for a reading when they have a specific question to work on, such as working on learning their spiritual gifts and abilities that have been previously hidden from them because the veil of karma was obscuring their view. Now they are more evolved, having focused on spiritual work intensively, they are ready to learn about the wider energetic universe and gain wisdom and understanding from the bigger questions in our world.

They may come for a Stargate reading to connect with energies such as Ascended Masters, Angels and Star Beings in order to continue their work of consciousness expansion, because they understand that now they are fully identified with experience, their job is to raise their energetic to help lift up the rest of humanity. They will often be found running workshops, writing spiritual books and creating new spiritual communities. They are helping to create the New Earth!

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