How expanded is your consciousness – 4D, 5D or 6D? Take the quiz

How expanded is your consciousness?

Many of us on the spiritual journey talk about a rise in vibration or become aware that we have shifted our thoughts, perceptions and even the way our Personal Energy Field works.

But how do we know for sure?

In my experience, there are a number of ways to check where you are on the spiritual path and expanded consciousness is one of the biggest signs.

First of all, when we talk about ‘ascending’ since we are incarnated into 3D bodies there can sometimes be a tendency to activate our egos and think that some of us are more ascended than others!

Since the concept of ascension is related to spiritual growth, that’s when we let our personal interests get in the way of our personal growth and miss the point, somewhat.

When I work with clients, I like to encourage the use of the term ‘expansion’.  When we expand our consciousness, we can begin to experience our current reality in a whole new way and even begin to become aware of other dimensional realities.

What does it mean when we expand consciousness to another dimension?

The simple quiz below will help you with this complex question.  As we learn and grow on the spiritual path, we become aware of changes in our perception.

This quiz will help you understand where you are on the journey of spiritual expansion of consciousness.  Are you regularly visiting the fourth dimension – 4D, the fifth dimension – 5D, or even the sixth dimension – 6D?

Check out this quiz and discover where you are for yourself.

1. How do you most commonly receive inspirational thoughts or feelings?

2. Have you experienced a strong connection with an Ascended Master?

3. How often do you notice or receive premonitions?

4. How much significance do you place on spiritual practice on your journey so far?

5. On the journey of connecting with your Higher Self, where would you say you are?

6. How often do you do chakra work, energy work or some kind of energy balancing?

7. Have you connected with a sense of your Past Lives yet?

8. Are you aware of Angelic energies and how they can help you on the spiritual path?

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Sarah Lawrence

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