How to open your third eye or be more clairvoyant or psychic

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How to open your third eye or be more clairvoyant or psychic

third eye

Third eye or being clairvoyant

third eyeRecently I was asked to give a talk on a Facebook group about our third eye and becoming more clairvoyant.

Being clairvoyant or ‘clear-seeing’ is an ability to see visions in the minds’ eye.

There are those images that we think up or recall for ourselves, and those other images that seem to just pop in from somewhere else or just appear.

It’s those images which just seem to appear from ‘nowhere’ or somewhere else that we concern ourselves with when learning more about how to open the third eye chakra or the seeing part of the sixth sense.

In order to get there though, it is often necessary to work with the other two methods of internal visualization first (imagining images and recalling them) as well as looking into reflective objects to help develop the clairvoyant or clear-seeing sense once we understand how our visual bias works.

To know the difference for yourself between the first two ways of seeing images in your head, try the following exercises

Exercise 1

Imagine a large, pink elephant. It has a yellow collar around its’ neck and dark brown eyes.  It’s holding a donut in it’s trunk.  The donut has chocolate icing and multicolored sprinkles on it. A white spotlight is shining down onto the elephant.  The pink elephant is standing on a circus type stand which is red and blue and is about to pop the donut into its’ mouth.  Ta da!

Now sometimes when I practice creative visualization techniques with some clients…they may find themselves listening to some negative internal dialogue while they try and do an exercise like this and say something like

“I’m not a very visual person”.

Which is probably some programming that was installed into them by an adult or carer who was trying to be helpful (at least – I hope so).

Sometimes our expectations of what we might ‘see’ in our minds’ eye can be a little overblown.  We expect it to be like the movies – plus surround sound – when it is usually more like a daydream.  So even if you just saw a part of the elephant and only a few sprinkles…keep at it.  Sometimes we need to practice visualizing colors first if visualization is not our favorite suit.

Exercise 2

Recall how your front door looks on your house, apartment, duplex etc.  What color is the door?  How many panels does it have?  Is the doorknob on the right or left-hand side?  Is there any glass? What does the doormat look like if you have one?  Make some notes.  Were you correct?

Now as to becoming more clairvoyant, clear-seeing or ‘psychic’

As you’ll hear from the talk I gave if you choose to listen, clairvoyancy or clear-seeing used to be called ‘Scrying’ from the old English ‘to descry’.   Scryers would use polished mirrors (which until silvering and glass came in were made from dark crystals like black obsidian, or polished metal). Also the good old fashioned crystal ball came in handy.

They would clear their minds, go into a meditative state and ‘see’ using the crystal ball, mirror, or even by looking into flames or rising smoke. The main issue here has always been to ‘clear the mind’.

You see, we all have a visual bias and a set of filters which comes from brain habits, not from what we are actually seeing

For example, I remember walking to the train station once when I lived in London and watched a man drive into another stationary car stopped at a red light.  He drove at slow speed and the accident was completely avoidable.

For me and his passenger, the other car was clearly visible (I remember watching the passenger grabbing this guy’s arm and shout at him!).  All to no avail.  The driver in the other stationary car saw him coming and honked his horn several times.  For the driver who caused the accident, he just didn’t have the parked car in his ‘sights’ and therefore did not see it.

Start to clear these habits, biases and filters away and then you will be able to ‘see’ energy, which is essentially what clairvoyancy, being psychic or clear-seeing is all about.

It’s not about what you expect to see, have ‘always’ seen or believe you can see.  It’s about energy and about what is visible beyond the normal limits and the spectrum of everyday human behavior when you learn to relax your eyes.

Then…you’ll be scrying! You can use meditation or relaxation exercises on a regular basis to help clear the mind.

Interested in an online coaching session? Work with me and I’ll help you develop your ‘clairs’ or psychic skills>>>

My scrying talk is available as a podcast on iTunes or here at my blog at Mom On A Spiritual Journey.  Enjoy and clear your mind!


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