John Edward psychic medium teaches Wichita audience about energy by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

John Edward

John Edward Psychic Medium in Wichita teaches us about energy

John Edward
If you’re not familiar with John Edward, IMHO he’s one of the top psychic mediums on the planet.

He’s spent many years perfecting his craft and finding methods of reading for clients which allow him to clearly validate the spiritual connection without ‘front-loading’ the person being read – that is – leading them down a path to an answer.

He comes up with the answers first – they are so accurate and so clear there is no way the person being read is being led to give answers.

What you may not know about John Edward is that he is also an excellent teacher

First of all he gave us an introduction to his view of social media and it’s appropriate uses whilst on the Spiritual Journey.

He said (and this is paraphrased but you’ll get the gist)

When you’re having a bad day…don’t go on Facebook (or Twitter, or whatever) and post it!  However many people you have on your list (10, 200, 500, doesn’t really matter) – they will now know energetically that you are having a bad day and in some way reflect that energy back to you.

Social media is a projection of what is inside of us – we put out a pebble, we’ll get back a rock, put out a twig, we’ll get back a tree!

It’s the same principle that Oprah mentions after her interview with Jill Bolte Taylor…

After interviewing Jill about her experience of a stroke of insight, Oprah realized that she only wanted positive energy surrounding her life.  She has this poster on display in her office.

Please be aware of the energy you bring to this room.

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