karmic law

Karmic Law of energy #1 – you can’t take from others by osmosis – without a karmic consequence!

There are many interesting concepts I receive as I regularly work with the energy of the Akashic Records, both for myself and for clients, one of the most fascinating is the concept of karmic law.

Over time I am becoming more and more aware of evidence that karmic law can really bite us in the butt, energetically speaking.

I’m sure many of us are aware of such karmic law concepts as ‘pay it forward’ and ‘what goes around comes around’, but how specifically can we become aware of deeper karmic laws, and more usefully, clear them from our energy field?

Enter Karmic Law of Energy #1.

I hope the above picture creeps you out – it should do!  Karmic Law # 1


Do you like it when someone else takes your idea and presents it as their own?  Probably not.  Yet this old idea has been with humanity for thousands of years and many of us have repeated it in past lives and this life, well-intentioned or with bad intentions.  Either way, it’s still a bad idea.

We often like and admire others as we are growing up, and want to be like them.  This is a perfectly natural function of self-discovery.

For example, I sat next to a girl in class in high school who had the most amazing eyelashes and always wore mascara.  I wasn’t allowed to wear mascara until a certain age but I so wanted her eyelashes!  I wanted to peel them off and put them on my eyes!

We all know though, that eyelashes don’t work that way.  If I had peeled them off and successfully stuck them to my eyes, after a while they would have died and fallen apart.  And they weren’t really part of me, but part of someone else, so what would have been the point?  And this poor unsuspecting girl would have had no eyelashes.

Yet we still entertain this very bad idea on many levels and try to take all types of energy from other people so we can have what they have, or be like them, instead of getting in touch with ourselves and who we really are at the Soul Level.

So what are the karmic consequences of taking energy from someone else?

It may be that you have copied somebodys…

  • idea or invention (think Ray Kroc and McDonald’s – a great movie to check out)
  • fashion style or way of being
  • literally ‘suck’ energy from someone else to make yourself feel better (this is where one of the concepts of ‘vampires’ comes from)
  • take other people down in public or private so that you look better
  • ____________________________ put your example here.

If you are really truthful with yourself, you have done this, and so have I.

This is why we have to have all that legalese surrounding the concepts of patents, business ideas, and concepts – even spiritual approaches are often patented and copyrighted!

You may be able to rest easy in your taking, for now, but at some point, that karmic law will bite you in the the butt, as I said earlier.

The universe will let you take energy – yet that creates a vacuum, so sooner or later, you will have to give that energy back because there is a deficit.  Uh-oh.

The Akashic Records and Karmic Law

When I give Soul Star Akashic Readings, part of the reading involves a Soul Story which rises up from the Records, showing the client why specific issues, circumstances or results keep occurring in their lives.  It can be extremely eye-opening for the client.

For an Akashic Reader like myself, it’s also an eye-opener and a cautionary tale.

Past Life arguments and unresolved power struggles, taking of energy essentially, stick to us like glue energetically speaking for life after life.

If they are not resolved in some way, they continue to be downloaded into our personal energy field in our current human incarnation and cause us no end of troubles.

Make no bones about it, the universe knows about give and take, and when you have taken, it will ask for you to give back!

On some level, I do believe most people know this, but since so many of our bad ideas are familiar and comfortable to us, we continue to keep acting them out on a repetitive basis.

I for one am ready to give up the idea of taking just because I ‘want’ something.

I know the healthier approach is to put my own energy, ideas, and creative focus into manifesting the life that I want.  Do anything else, and we are living on borrowed time, energetically speaking.