Why learning more about our bodies is spiritual work too

Why learning more about our bodies is spiritual work too

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Learning more about our bodies through science…

learning more about our bodiesAs time, science and technology has moved on, we have learned more and more about our bodies.

There was a time when personalities were thought to be driven by the number of bumps we could count on our skulls.  Seems pretty humorous now!

Some illnesses were believed to be caused by bad ‘humors’ which could be removed using blood letting.  These were beliefs that were strongly held at the time…since no-one knew of any more developed ideas.

Once microscopes developed and penicillin was discovered – we began to realize a whole new world of microbes, bacteria and viruses…many of which could impact our health.  So much for ‘humors’.

Now we even have MRI machines that can look inside our body structures slice by slice and discover what exactly is happening with our organs, bones and blood supply.

Learning more about our bodies through spirituality wasn’t on my radar initially…

When I first started the spiritual journey, I believed I would be learning how to do meditation, feel energy and ‘be spiritual’.  I didn’t really think about my body in this particular big picture.  Some ‘om’ ing, some deep thoughts…later on some yoga…and ta-da — I would be a ‘spiritual person’.

Never has a journey unfolded so differently than I thought it would!

As I have learned more about my body spiritually I have…

  • needed to change my diet quite radically
  • become more sensitive to foods/medications
  • become more sensitive and aware of other people’s energy (their emotions, their thoughts, what they are hiding)
  • felt deeper emotional connections to the planet, trees, animals
  • experienced a connection with disembodied spirits or ghosts

…and all of this through the body!

Tools, techniques and spirituality – all comes down to learning more about our bodies IMHO

Since we are, as the now famous quote states “Spiritual beings having a human experience” then a big part of our spiritual experience comes from being in the body, or being incarnated as we might say from the Akashic Perspective.  Learning about our bodies is truly a spiritual experience.

I have learned that my body is one of my biggest allies spiritually speaking.  Since I have learned to treat it better, be aware of it’s likes, dislikes, pains and discomforts…I am learning more and more about the spirit or soul that is uniquely me.

One of my mentors, Joseph Riggio, once asked a group of us

“Which is better, meditation as an ‘out of body’ experience, or an ‘in the body’ experience?”

At the time I immediately responded “In the body!” but didn’t really know why.

In the body, through our muscles, movements, facial expressions, reactions, emotions, thoughts and actions…we can truly learn more about being spirits in motion.




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