My Yoga Online Giveaway at the Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog

My Yoga Online Giveaway at the Mom On A Spiritual Journey Blog

my yoga online

Do you Yoga?  It’s even easier now with MyYogaOnline!

Here’s a chance to win a free year’s membership from

I was recently approached by with a very kind offer.

I get to play with their services and write about them – and you (dear reader) get an opportunity to win a year’s membership at!

Now that’s the kind of abundance sharing I like.  It’s an $89.95 value by the way.

How I’ve been using MyYogaOnline so far

I’ve been using My Yoga Online for the last week or so.  As somebody who has practiced yoga regularly (and less regularly sometimes!) over the years, the idea of an online yoga website definitely appeals.

Put simply, it’s online yoga videos when you want it and can fit it in, anyplace, anytime on your PC, laptop or other mobile device.

This service is available on your iPad, iPhone, tablet and Android through an app, so you can get yoga-ing wherever you may be.

There are over 1000 streaming yoga, Pilates and wellness videos.  <<<Energetic Happy Dance!>>>

Simply visit the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog to enter by midnight on October 14th 2013!



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