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New World Energetics

New World Energetics

New World EnergeticsNew World Energetics – a guided name

I originally named this site New World Energetics because of spiritual guidance. As a clair-audient, I heard the name and wrote it down.

On and off, I’ve wondered if I had the right name for the work I’m doing.

Thought bubbles up

One of the ways I’ve been working on explaining the concept of New World Energetics is to use something I call ‘Thought Bubbles’ to show how our energy works, why spiritual practice is important…why awareness of the language we use can be life-changing and how holistic health and wellness also plays a part in this picture.

After reading the first part of Pam Grout’s latest work E-Cubed: Nine More Energy Experiments That Prove Manifesting Magic and Miracles Is Your Full-Time Gig and paying some attention to synchronicity once the wheels got to turning in my mind, out popped this Thought Bubble.

So what IS New World Energetics?

It’s definitely a paradigm shift! Using the many years of study and tapping into wisdom both ancient and modern I can clearly state that New World Energetics is a way forward for the human consciousness movement using…

  • New Energy Psychology – wisdom both ancient and modern connecting and in some cases reconnecting us with chi, chakras, vital force and the Higher Self.
  • The New Spiritual Movement – where many of us are beginning to understand that we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience – how to practice and apply that in our everyday, incarnated lives?
  • The New Health Movement – where we understand and allow that as scientific knowledge increases, so does our connection to the deep and ancient wisdom of the Earth. We can combine these methodologies so that people can have a broken leg fixed in a clean environment with pain management…and use homeopathy or essential oils to help clear an emotional issue in the same breath. We CAN have it all!
  • The New Thought Movement – from Louise Hay, through Richard Bandler and beyond with New Thought Leaders like Iyanla Vanzant – we can truly see the mind-body-spirit connection between the Thoughts we think and the words we use – how thoughts and words can affect our internal chemistry and the actions, thoughts and words of others. And so it is.

And finally –

  • the New Heart Movement.  Many energy practitioners work with the heart chakra and the mind-body-heart connection to help people shift and move forward in their spiritual development.   Amazing organizations such as the HeartMath Institute are showing us every day that the power of heart-centered living goes so much further than the simple definition of an organ which pumps blood and that the brain is often secondary in its’ understanding of the energy of love – that truly the heart is often the first place where real knowledge is stored and understood.

Our heart centers contain so much more wisdom than in the West we have recognized to date

As my EMF Balancing Technique Teacher Peggy Phoenix-Dubro states so clearly

We need to learn to think with our hearts and feel with our minds.

New World Energetics is a combination of all these disciplines applying knowledge both ancient and modern and helping us to move forward as we learn and grow.


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