How our spirit guides can contact us

How our spirit guides can contact us

spirit guides

spirit guidesOur Spirit Guides

I often have clients contact me when they are interested in contacting their spirit guides as part of their spiritual awakening process.

This comes about for them as an awareness that there may be ‘someone there’.

Often during that falling asleep/waking up process where the brain is shifting through Alpha/Theta waves, people can experience seeing images (called hypnogogia by the psychological community), hear disembodied voices – called clairaudience by the spiritual community…or ‘sense’ that someone other than themselves is present in the room – an awareness of disembodied spirits or energies that it is very hard to explain logically to anyone!

These experiences can feel very real and raise the question for many…are these my spirit guides?

How to contact your spirit guides?

Well, you can do some work to reach out to your spirit guides too.  It’s often been my experience that your spirit guides are working equally hard to reach out to you!

In my case, my spirit guides kept knocking on the door, or the veil that separates us in a number of ways.

My spirit guides were contacting me through dreams

Whether it was…

  • a visit from a Loved One who has passed
  • extremely lucid dreams where spiritual information was passed on, such as how to work with crystals or use energy work within a group
  • dreams of gatherings with people I already know in this life
  • how to clear negative energy from myself or surroundings

My spirit guides were contacting me through disembodied voice messages

On awakening/going to sleep I would hear instructions…

  • “she needs to read the book”,
  • look up the meaning of “diaspora”
  • She needs to learn to “vibrate higher”.

My spirit guides were visiting me through waking visions

  • often standing around my bed at night
  • showing me images of sparkling lights or moving pictures (with my eyes open)
  • as soon as I would close my eyes, ‘slide shows’ of many images would appear (and still do, if I allow it).

My spirit guides often visit by showing me premonitions

  • simple things, such as seeing that a friend has cut their hair short before I meet them!
  • more complex things – such as safety warnings
  • they speak in my ear when I work with clients.

My spirit guides are present when I become aware of disembodied spirits or Loved Ones visiting

  • pressure on the bed, or the bed shaking (my husband often complains and asks me what ‘I’m up to’ when the bed shakes! – it wakes him up…
  • a face appearing behind my eyelids as soon as I close my eyes, along with a conversational attempt!
  • a sense that ‘somebody’ is watching me…during the day my dog will growl often at the same time I feel a presence.

If you are going through a spiritual awakening – visits by your spirit guides or disembodied spirits can be worrying and downright nerve wracking!

Learning to embrace your gifts and communicate with your spirit guides is one of the main ways to get comfortable with all these happenings if they are present in your life.

Create a relationship with your Spirit Guides!

In my experience, the more we create a relationship with our spirit guides, the easier and more peaceful our lives become from the spiritual perspective.

We can then learn to use tools which enable us to manage our communication with spirit and the spiritual aspect of ourselves.

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