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Some ways in which we can pass the wisdom barrier

I read a lot of spiritual books. One of the latest I am reading is HUMAN SOUL REVEALED: Unlocking The Mysteries From Beyond – by Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll and compiled and added to by Monika Muranyi.

I saw Monika speak at Kryon Summerlight 2016. She says she is one of those people who, even as a child, like to organize her mom’s plastic pegs into color piles for laundry day. She has become the ideal person to compose some of Kryon’s channels into books on specific subjects.

In The Human Soul Revealed, Chapter 3 discusses the attributes within the Human Soul Group as they relate to healing the physical body, healing yourself, changing your DNA and mining your Akash (Akashic Records).

Mining your Akash – meaning finding the jewels of wisdom from your past history in this life or others, and applying them to your current situation.

Kryon channels information about The Wisdom Barrier

What is a Wisdom Barrier?

Simply put it is a barrier we pass through as an individual, or in group consciousness when we learn something new and applicable.

We can never ‘go back’ to the way things were before because the Wisdom Barrier is now in the way.

Kryon gives the example of breaking the Sound Barrier at group level consciousness.

“When you broke the sound barrier, did you go home and that “That’s nice! Let’s continue to use old aircraft and old speeds from now on?” No! You could hardly wait to design aircraft that would go beyond it! Nothing remained the same, and you could not put the genie back into the bottle.”

Kryon then repeats one of his Cosmic Laws that I have covered in this series of podcasts.

“You can never go back into a less aware state”.

So, much like the Sound Barrier, as an individual on our respective spiritual journeys, when we pass a Wisdom Barrier through personal spiritual experience, we can not go back.

We can try, but the duality of this situation will cause us energetic problems and a feeling of being split in two.

This feeling can happen when

  • we find out something about someone in a relationship with us, and we can never feel the same about them again, we have moved through a Wisdom Barrier and our perception is forever different.

For example, we learn of a friend or intimate partner’s deception, and we have to move through the Wisdom Barrier of a heart ‘break’ or energetic separation, and then decide can we heal enough to stay in that duality, or does the other person need to recalibrate or change too in order for us both to move through the Wisdom Barrier together and change our relationship?

  • we learn a new piece of spiritual information that we were perfectly ready for, and we can never see it the same way since it changes our vibrational state. Our cells vibrate differently, our perspective changes…and we move on.

A recent example for me was learning about the difference between disembodied Spirits, Ghosts, and Poltergeists. The answer made total sense once I learned it and filled in all the gaps in understanding surrounding experiences I have had.

Now, I can’t return to the place of understanding I was in before, because I have passed through that Wisdom Barrier.

Sometimes we can feel the need to return to the place we existed before we were moved (sometimes it feels like being pushed!) through the Wisdom Barrier.

  • we try to go back and live somewhere we used to love living, but it doesn’t feel the same. It’s like a ‘bad dream’ version of the place we used to live. We are sensing the duality of the vibratory rate we had when we lived in this place ‘then’, and ‘now’. We may need to find a whole new way of living in that location or move away completely to return to a sense of wholeness once again.

As Kryon says

“It is the physics of spirituality that creates an axiom that states you will never be able to return to a less aware state…If you actively choose to try, however, then you are denying the enlightenment you have been given, and you will become unbalanced. Indeed, you are able to try to move backwards. It is your free will. However, sad indeed are those humans who try to ignore what they know is the truth, for they will not last long with a dual vibratory rate”.

I hope you enjoyed this New World Energetics explanation of the Wisdom Barrier.

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Please comment on the blog and share your experiences of breaking the Wisdom Barrier!

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