Past Lives are fascinating yet it’s time to clear them from our energy

Past Lives are fascinating yet it’s time to clear them from our energy

past lives

past lives

Past Lives, fascinating stories

Often people are fascinated by the idea of Past Lives. In truth, it’s the greatest movie we’ve ever seen, the story of each of our Soul’s paths on the Journey to here (wherever that is).

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole with Past Lives. Finding out that we love – or hate – a particular location because of our Past Lives association with it can be enlightening, scary and fascinating.

Perhaps you hate having things around your neck. (Even turtlenecks). People with this phobia often find out they were injured or killed in a Past Life by an attack to this area of the body.

Past Lives – the boy who knew too much

This latest fascinating story that has surfaced about The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy’s Past-Life Memories, a young child, Christian, who asserts that he was the famous baseball player Lou Gehrig in a past life, it’s every exciting, looks like a movie may even be made.

But what use is that, really? It feeds our curiousity and makes us more comfortable perhaps that we are occupying a continuous stream of lives along with our Soul Group or family members, who we will meet again and again. There is certainly peace to be found in that.

Past Lives – how to make this knowledge practical

But what if Past Lives are in one sense a rabbit hole? Wouldn’t it be better to use this information in a more practical way to become aware of our own personal limitations and repeated setbacks as part of a greater, repeating pattern – what I like to call the karmic spin cycle.

You get your washing to a certain point…but it never makes it out of the washer to the dryer for a whole new start, or wearing! So more detergent is added, more suds created, hot water in and then you are being rinsed once again.

What if you could clear the karmic consequences of Past Lives, rather than playing the same old movies over and over? That’s where my Soul Star Reading can be helpful.

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