What’s the difference between karma, fate and destiny?

What’s the difference between karma, fate and destiny?



Karma, Fate, and Destiny – what’s the difference?

“Ah well, what goes around comes around”, often said with a tone of resignation when we experience an unwanted outcome

I believe sometimes people confuse the meaning of karma with believing that some things are predestined. “Well, it had to happen that way, it was probably karmic”.

Let’s review the concepts of Karma, Fate, and Destiny from the perspective of the Akashic Records.


The great karmic spin cycle.

You wonder why you have repeating patterns in your life, perhaps a type of person that you try and create a relationship with over and over.

Or maybe you notice that a certain emotional block or perceived setup of circumstances always holds you back just at the point where you believe you will overcome all the odds again…then, somehow, you don’t.

Then again you have a creeping feeling that something, or even someone, from a Past Life, is revisiting their unfortunate energy upon you and your situation no matter what you do.

My experience to date of giving intuitive readings from the perspective of the Akashic Records is that yes, we do have repeating patterns in our lives which hold us back and prevent desired outcomes through a block of our energy and intentions, or an emotion arises which just throws us off balance and makes us unable to move forward effectively.

This is karma.

Something DID happen, created by you or done to you, in a past life, or even in this life which has created a stop signal in your Personal Energy Field. It can be cleared but first, we need to find out what IT is. That’s one of the benefits of having a Soul Star Reading.

Not being able to clear karma can be very frustrating and put a damper on our spiritual growth, personal development, and professional productivity.


Fate is something that we believe happens to us.

Well, it was meant to be (often said in a positive frame when two people who are very connected at first blush end up becoming connected in a relationship).

Well, it must be Fate, I was meant to________________ (stay put, not get that job, be here until the end of time even though it is driving me nuts).

Fate, I believe is a function of us laboring under incorrect knowledge.

If we do not get clear about our intentions and true desires, we can dream about them all we want, but we cannot manifest them, they are like cotton candy falling through our hands and melting away.

Fate removes our power because we believe perhaps that what has always been, will be, and then we manifest that outcome.  Or that we dream about our desires, but do nothing to manifest them, being weighed down by ‘fate’.


Destiny is a much more powerful and empowering word than fate, and viewed from this frame of reference is often used when we see people manifest talents and abilities that literally seem to be radiating out from their beings.

Lady Gaga is a performance artist who seems to have fulfilled her destiny, as is Paulo Coelho the writer, and Picasso the painter, to give some different examples.

Yet the future is a sea of potentials that we are constantly trying to sail.

Everyone can have a number of destinies and not all of them need to be earth-shaking, like some of the aforementioned artists.

What is true for most I believe, is that destiny is something we feel radiating from within us as a strong desire, rather than an ‘inevitable’ fate which we would rather avoid.

If we can clear karma and align ourselves bit by bit with our destinies, we can move forward and manifest our desires much more quickly.

Karma and the Karmic Spin Cycle

Coming back to Karma, hopefully you can see from reading this that Karma is separate and distinct from Fate, or indeed Destiny, yet there is a connection in that our old karmic patterns can prevent us from aligning with our Destiny, our innermost desires, and the resulting energy drain of Karmic cycles have us falling flat as a pancake on our emotional butts and back into the old, tired world of Fate.

I believe, if we can clear Karma, Fate becomes a concept or a misguided belief, rather than a reality and falls away, and our Destiny becomes a goal with which we can become aligned more clearly, with a little work on our part!

Fate or pre-destiny is a self-manifesting belief in my opinion.

Karma is the wheel of manifestation from past actions/reactions and past life consequences.

In the new Akashic Readings I’m giving, I’m becoming quite sure that actions and results we have manifested with others lay heavy in our energy fields and can ultimately be cleared with the right knowledge and intentions.


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  2. […] Some of this ‘experience data’ is what we could call karma. […]

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