3 spiritual changes since the 2017 Eclipse

3 spiritual changes since the 2017 Eclipse


spiritual changes

The 2017 Eclipse has caused intense spiritual changes for many

I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues face to face and online about perceived spiritual changes, spiritually speaking, since the 2017 Eclipse on Monday, 21st August.

Spiritual Changes – #1 – Lucid Dreaming

The first set of spiritual changes for some is an increase in Lucid dreaming.

To find out more about that, and if it applies to you, check out this recent post at my sister site Mom On A Spiritual Journey.

A great resource for people experiencing Lucid Dreaming, or for the dreamer who is interested in growing a lucid dreaming capability, is Carlos Casteneda’s classic Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda.

I’d also recommend the Dreamer’s Dictionary by Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett – Amazon link – Dreamer’s Dictionary.  I’ve had this book for many years (since the early ’90s), it’s yellowed with age, yet gives very accurate and helpful interpretations of dream meanings which bubble up from our subconscious.

Spiritual Changes – #2 – stronger connection with Spirit Guides

Many people are noticing an uptick in Spirit Guide activity, or even an upgrade or change of Spirit Guides as part of their spiritual changes after the 2017 Eclipse.

I spent time simply enjoying the eclipse.  Here in Wichita, I was not in an area of totality, yet enjoyed noticing the change of light, the shadows, and the different energetic feelings that the eclipse created for me.

Towards the end of the eclipse, I felt the need to meditate quietly, and immediately heard (clairaudiently, with the inner voice)

You have had a complete spiritual upgrade (change) of guides.

That was quite a surprise for me.  I am learning about the new energetics of connecting with my guides.  I can say that their volume is louder, and so is their insistence on me taking action to grow my work!  Their energy is much stronger and more intense than my previous experiences.

If you are interested in creating a stronger connection with your Spirit Guides, during an Intuitive Akashic Records Reading I can help you with that work.

For a free resource and a useful book, check out my free podcast interview at Mom On A Spiritual Journey with Debra Engle, who has written an excellent book called Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy.

Spiritual Changes – #3 – greater awareness of connection to group consciousness and synchronicity

spiritual changesHere’s a picture of the leaves on my deck, which, during the Eclipse, turned into multiple eclipse shapes as the moon moved across the sun.  That was definitely not something I was expecting.

At the nearest point of totality in my location, 3 dogs started barking at once!

The third set of spiritual changes I am noticing since the eclipse is a greater connection to synchronicity and being aware of spiritual signs as they occur rather than noticing them later in hindsight or retrospect.

What is synchronicity and why do people talk about it?

The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.

Carl Jung believed in the concept of a ‘collective consciousness’, putting forward to that synchronicity is the tip of an iceberg, that is, synchronistic events are the result of underlying patterns in a group network of consciousness which ties us all together.

Pretty revolutionary New Age thinking from a psychologist in the 1920s!

So for example, even while writing this post (at the part about Lucid Dreaming) a friend messaged me on Facebook – yesterday she had messaged me about an intense lucid dream she had.  Sign + Synchronicity!

Let me know what spiritual changes you have noticed since the 2017 eclipse.


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