connecting with your Loved OnesClearing and shielding the energy field

Sometimes we need to clear stuck energy from our personal energy field…and sometimes we need to shield ourselves from types of energy that could drain us or make us feel uncomfortable.

To be clear, our light, our soul light cannot be extinguished by other energies…but stuck energy can cause energetic blocks or restrictions which we can feel or sense or simply can result in us feeling stuck.

Shielding ourselves from certain types of energies can prevent energy becoming stuck or affecting us in ways we’d rather not have happen.  We’d rather not have food stuck in our teeth, so we brush our teeth daily.  Similar practices can give us great benefits with our personal energy fields.

1. Lisa Renee’s 12D shielding technique

I love this technique.  I discovered Lisa’s site several years ago now and find her work inspirational.  Often in her bi-monthly reports she’ll use words or describe situations that are happening for me in present time.

Here’s a video of her 12D shielding technique.  I use it daily and also create a shield for the house at night.  A shamanic practitioner noticed my house shield when she came to visit one day.  I hadn’t told her what I was doing or how…but she came in the door looking around and said…

Sarah – you have a shield around your house and only the beings you want to have enter come in.  How did you do that?

I was very pleased to hear that…so shared this video with my friend.


2. Machaelle-Small Wright’s energy clearing exercise with Archangel Michael

I came across some of Machaelle-Small Wright’s teachings whilst studying with a psychic counselor in Southern MD.  Here’s an amazon link to one of her books MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.

I was taught a creative visualization technique to clear unwanted attachments and energy from my energy field and from any building or room I may be in.  I’ve always found this procedure to be very helpful.

  • Call on Archangel Michael and the White Brotherhood to be present
  • Visualize a sheet of white light 2 feet below your energy field (or two feet below the property or room, extending to the boundary of said property or room)
  • Ask Archangel Michael and the White Brotherhood to help you lift the blanket of white light up through you and/or the property, removing and pulling away any unwanted energies as it goes, capturing them in the sheet
  • The sheet is lifted high up overhead – ask Archangel Michael to bind the sheet closed with three ropes of gold, red and green (and any other colors that may come to you at the time)
  • Ask for the contents of the sheet to be returned to their origins.  If it helps with completion, imagine a portal of light opening up to ‘suck’ the energies through.
  • Thank Archangel Michael.

3. Using the first Stanza of the Pathway Prayer Process by Linda Howe

As an Akashic Records Reader I use the Pathway Prayer Process a lot.  The first stanza read aloud can often change the energy and vibration of a room or location in a just a moment.  It’s a wonderful prayer!

And so we do acknowledge the Forces of Light

Asking for guidance, direction and courage to know the Truth as it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us.

Feeling slimed?

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