Chakras or Energy Centers – when I first started working with them, I didn’t have a clue what to do

Chakras often make themselves known to us as part of our spiritual awakening, more of an energetic awakening if you like.  When I first started sensing my chakras, I didn’t have a clue what was going on or how to work with them.

Over the last 20 years or so I’ve been to a lot of workshops, worn a lot of t-shirts and done a fair bit of chakra work!

If you are starting or progressing along your journey with chakra work, then you may find some useful tips in this blog post.

Chakras – what are they?

Chakras or energy centers and people’s experiences of them were first recorded in ancient Vedic and Indian transcripts.  ‘Chakra’ the word is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ or ‘spinning disc’.  Yogic and Vedic practitioners became aware of this aspect of their energy systems through spiritual and physical practice.

In these ancient traditions 7 chakras are thought to exist, all relating to the grouping of big clusters of nerve ganglions within our bodies.  The picture above shows the location of the chakras in our physical bodies.

Different traditions give chakras different names.  In modern parlance during yoga sessions or spiritual workshops, the 7 chakras starting from the bottom are most commonly referred to as

  1. Base or root chakra, associated with the color red
  2. Creative/sacral chakra, associated with the color orange
  3. Solar Plexus chakra, associated with the color yellow and often the image of a sunflower
  4. Heart chakra, associated with the color green, sometimes pink
  5. Throat chakra, associated with the color blue or indigo blue
  6. Third Eye or Pineal chakra, associated with the color purple
  7. Crown Chakra, associated with the color white and the image of an opening lotus.

Chakras awakening

My chakras or energy centers slowly started opening as I went to different spiritual workshops and began a regular spiritual practice.

My first experience of seeing somebody else’s chakras was at a workshop where the person running the workshop (his name was Victor and that was all we knew about him!) — anyway Victor stood next to me and helped me to see my friend’s aura, which displayed chakra colors.  I even saw colors around her ears!

These days I know we have ear chakras too…but at the time I was just too busy having the experience.

I often felt the energy from other people’s chakras but until I worked with energy more overtly I couldn’t identify that.  One of the best ways to become aware of other people’s chakra energy is to be around a very out of balance person.  The imbalance will show up in one of their chakras.

Let’s just say…somebody who over-identifies with one chakra.  The most common occurrence of this in our modern society (in my humble opinion) is people who over identify with their creative/sexual chakra which is something we are encouraged to do, since sex, quite frankly, sells.

Just think of a time when somebody was overtly sexually interested in you and you were not interested in them…where was most of the energy coming from?  I think you’ll be able to figure that one out!

The reverse of that is to experience a person who has done a lot of energy work on themselves.  I remember hugging a regular presenter at one of Lee Carroll’s events (he channels Kryon) and this person felt so soft energetically — almost as if I could walk through them.  No spikiness or imbalance, just a very peaceful person to be around.

Now, back to your own chakras.

Yoga practice can definitely help with chakra work

Just like the ancients, practicing yoga will definitely get you more in touch with your chakras.  Notice where you sweat from should you try a regular yoga class.

The palms of my hands often sweat profusely (we have chakras in our hands, too) and I believe this is because yoga helps awaken our ‘chi’ or body energy and the movements and breathing encourage this energy to run through the ‘nadis’ or energy channels within the body.

I often have to use a towel so that I don’t slip on my mat because I run so much energy in my hands during a class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a wonderful practice and will definitely get your energy moving.

A lot of the movements and processes involved focusing upon your solar plexus chakra (although they don’t call it that in Tai Chi practice).

You will pull and push energy from the solar plexus area of the body when you practice Tai Chi.  And the Gong Mar exercise will have you generating energy through your hands in order to improve your practice, so if you are drawn to Tai Chi then that will awaken your chakras for sure.

Energy Work and Kundalini Mediation

chakrasEnergy Work can definitely help us to awaken and define our chakras.  My experience of giving and receiving sessions using the EMF Balancing Technique® definitely resulted in very clear energetic experiences of my chakras and my Personal Energy Field.

I offer remote sessions using the EMF Balancing Technique® work and clients find them to be powerful awakeners of body energy and chakra energy.

Kundalini meditation and Kundalini Yoga definitely help awakened the ‘curled serpent’ of energy at the base of our spines and meditative practice, breathing and kundalini yoga exercise help to move this energy up through the body, connecting all the chakras.

For more information on a good resource to help you if Kundalini yoga or meditation appeals, check out this blog post at my sister site, Mom On A Spiritual Journey How to raise Kundalini energy in the body>>.

Chakras aren’t just ‘in’ the body

One last tip.  Our chakras are contained by our bodies but they also extend all around our bodies, out to a distance of at least two feet.  So when you are doing any type of chakra work, consider that your chakras extend all around you.  It will help!




Picture from johhain at Pixabay

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