sarah lawrence hinsonPersonal Energy Coach – what is it that you do exactly?

Recently a client asked me this question so I decided it was time to write about it!

Personal Energy Coaching and New Energy Psychology are both very new areas of work and experience for people, so it stands to reason that as a prospective client you may have questions about it.

I am a Personal Energy Coach and what I do is…

I help people to awaken to their spiritual reality, the Inner Wisdom stored within their Personal Energy, and to begin make sense of it ( I wouldn’t ever dare to say I have all the answers!).

As far as ‘answers’ go…I see my role as helping you to find your own answers.  They are stored there withing your own Personal Energy.  Hence the name ‘Personal Energy Coach‘.

I’m drawn to this line of work, (more like galloping towards it these days!) because it’s how I see the world and I believe humanity is going through a massive spiritual awakening right now.

What other skills/qualifications might a Personal Energy Coach have?

I’m an intuitive psychic, sensitive and natural medium.

I  work with Personal Energy – I can read or unpack it, can connect with Spirit and access the Akashic Records, some people call it the ‘Book of Life’ or ‘Hall of Records’.

How this manifests is that I give Online Sessions, sometimes a Reading, sometimes Coaching, sometimes a blend and we figure out what is going on…

  • where you are in your awakening process
  • the best spiritual practices for you
  • Normally I start by opening your Akashic Records so we get some answers from your Soul Level Truth.  That usually gets the ball rolling energetically speaking!

How on earth did I end up becoming a Personal Energy Coach?

There are many odd careers out there – this just happens to be mine.  🙂

As a child I was able to see, hear, feel and sense things that others couldn’t.  I assumed (as many people do as children) that what I was noticing was apparent to everyone else, it was just that people didn’t talk about it.

It took many years for me to figure out that my experiences were not necessarily the same as other people’s.

My mother had many of the same abilities but was scared to talk about them, so I followed the same path for quite a while.

Then I started waking up…

Through a number of events which I now see were connected, I began to realize that I had skills and abilities which were different than many of the people around me and that some people knew instinctively that I could help them, or that I had these abilities.

Once I started waking up, I began a Spiritual Journey which involved learning

Add to this a fairly long career in IT/Computer Support and training, plus co-directing a UK training and development company for a few years…and there you have it.  A Personal Energy Coach!


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