Soul CoachingCoaching for your Soul?

A little while ago I asked a few clients what they thought I do.  I have worked with clients consistently now for the last four years and from their comments I now know that some clients see me as…

– An Akashic Records Reader

Other clients see me as…

– that woman who does ‘energy stuff‘.

Some clients come because they know I do Spiritual Mediumship work and want to be connected with their Loved Ones.

I also teach some forms of meditation and self-care.

One client summed it up and said “You do Coaching for the Soul – Soul Coaching”

So what is Soul Coaching?

Perhaps you are having more lucid dreams than you’ve ever had before.

Or you are having strong premonitions that are coming to pass and wondering why?

It could be that your intuition is coming online more strongly – you are hearing messages from your inner voice, Spirit Guides – or simply that you are finding you are much more body aware than you used to be.

All of these things and more can indicate that your soul is helping you wake up to the fact that you are more than just a body and a mind!

Soul Coaching can help you to reconnect with the real you

India Arie put it beautifully a while back when being asked the question “What is the soul?”

She replied

The real you. You do not have a soul, you ARE a soul, you HAVE a body.

So Soul Coaching can help you to reconnect with the real you.