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    Sarah's main work involves spiritual coaching with clients who are having a spiritual opening, noticing repeating karmic cycles in their lives, looking to clear energetic blocks and restrictions (she has a toolkit!) and working on manifesting more of their talents and abilities to live a successful life. That's it, in a nutshell. The 'how' is by accessing a client's Akashic Records and helping you, the client, to connect with your own stored Inner Wisdom. Sarah gives Intuitive Akashic Records Readings to help you to connect with your Soul Level Truth and the Wisdom stored within your Personal Energy Field.  Click the Read More link to find out more

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The EMF Balancing Technique®

The EMF Balancing Technique®

EMF Balancing

How to describe the EMF Balancing Technique®?

It’s an energy balancing technique for humans (and animals too, actually)

It balances the electromagnetic field surrounding and penetrating the human body, hence the name EMF  = electromagnetic field.

Now practiced in over 70 countries worldwide.

The originator of this technique, Peggy Phoenix-Dubro, travels the world teaching practitioners and teachers of practitioners  which comprises of 13 sessions or phases.

I offer Phases I-IV online.  Each Phase or Session lasts between about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

You can have an interactive Online Session via Skype or receive the session remotely at a given date and time, connecting with me before and after to discuss.

Click here to receive a free downloadable PDF giving you more information about Phases I-IV>>

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The EMF Balancing Technique

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    Property Manager, Spiritual Seeker
    Sarah is an excellent teacher!  Her teaching style is very down to earth, she is full of compassion and has a wealth of spiritual knowledge to share. I would recommend Akashic Foundations to anyone looking to learn to read their own Akashic Records or the student looking to become more spiritually aware. The course is straight forward and brilliantly designed!  Thank you would never be enough for all that I have learned.  Namaste Sarah.