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The World Family Tree, DNA and our Akashic Records

Have you ever wondered how many people you are directly related to on this planet? The World Family Tree project makes a start at this by connecting more than 260 million people as actual relations. Given that there are about 7.5 billion people on the planet, the project has a little further to go. In the meantime, I reflect on the Akashic Perspective. There is something to learn about us as humans every single day.

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emotional triggers
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Emotional triggers? How to manage your energy when others trigger you

I believe we all have emotional triggers. Whether we generate them ourselves by our behavior or have them triggered by others, they can be an emotional landmine waiting to go off. How to manage our emotional triggers, especially if we are highly sensitive people or energetically sensitive or empathic? Discussion here.

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Receive signs from your intuition and avoid interpretation

When you are developing your intuition, it’s easy to try and make intuitive signs fit your personal picture. Most of the time is better to wait for answers. This story demonstrates how intuitive signs can often be misinterpreted if we let our fancy and ideas run away with us. Often it’s better simply to wait for the clear answers.

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Light beings waiting to be unwrapped

We are all light beings waiting to be unwrapped. The wrappings are old thought forms, inherited DNA and blocks and restrictions that may hold us back. We can drop these old wrappings, clear karma and move forward on our journey.

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curious about the akashic records
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More people are becoming curious about the Akashic Records

Curious about the Akashic Records? I ask my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones why so many more people are waking up to the eternal nature of their Akashic Records and why people are wishing to learn more about their spiritual origins and journey.

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